Customer Support Agreements (CSA)

Customer Support Agreements (CSA)

Having in mind our Group Mission "To develop and provide the best solutions with the greatest value for our customers" we, at Teknoxgroup, offer the Customer Support Agreements (CSA) to assist you in better managing your equipment.

ur offer can range from simple CSA, or CSA Plus to sophisticated Total Maintenance and Repair Agreements (TM&R):


Our CSA offers are specially designed for either your machine or your generator set (both prime and standby) to make sure they are always in peak condition. Our fully trained Service Technicians come and service your unit at regular interval (PM1: at 250 working hours, PM2: at 500 working hours, PM3: at 1000 working hours, PM4: at 2000 working hours) as per Caterpillar Operation and Maintenance manual (OM&M).
With their skill and capability and using supplier's suggested tooling they will make sure that all the inspections and adjustments are properly done.
While checking your unit other potential problems that may exist on your machine can be identified, so that you can plan and execute repairs before failure.
Last but not least our offer does also include the safety checks. While carrying out this our Service Technicians make sure that all safety rules are adhered to.
CSA lasts for an agreed period of time and its price is pre-determined and includes:

  • New fluids as oil, hydraulic, transmission, and antifreeze
  • New Caterpillar genuine parts
  • Travel time and mileage
  • Complete written machine inspection reports
  • Analysis of all fluids
  • Disposal of all waste fluids and filters

CSA Plus

It includes all above offered in a standard CSA but also:

  • Planned replacements of major components (this list is usually prepared with the help of your relevant Product Support Representatives PSR)


It includes all above offered in a CSA Plus but also:

  • All scheduled mechanical repairs and full coverage for unscheduled mechanical repairs for the duration of agreement. It can also include the guaranteed machine availability.

Whatever CSA option you decide upon you will get a peace of mind tool because:

  • You can know upfront the maintenance cost of your unit that in turn would mean simplified budgeting
  • You save money and have more time to concentrate on other important aspects of your business.
  • You can plan upfront the machine maintenance stops
  • You can maximize service life and minimize cost by scheduling repairs before a major failure occurs.
  • You can reduce the spare parts stock
  • You can reduce the number of your service personnel
  • You can avoid special tooling purchase
  • You can have bigger residual value of the unit
  • You can always be sure that your unit will be serviced by expert and trained eyes

and because they are designed to keep you running at the lowest possible cost.

Our offer is for small and large units because the need to work efficiently and lower operating costs is the same regardless of a machine’s size, age or its application. That's why CSA is available for new and/or used equipments.
Studies done at different dealerships worldwide have proved that owning and maintenance costs for a unit under a CSA are reduced by 25 - 35 %.