Cat® hydraulic hammers make short work of your demolition, construction, quarry and production breaking needs.

Cat Hammers are high performance breakers, designed to help you get the most from your Cat equipment. With hammer sizes to fit skid steers, backhoes, and all sizes of excavators, you will find the breaker to fill your demolition, construction, quarry and production breaking needs.

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ModelImpact Energy ClassBlows per MinuteMin. Rated FlowSpecifications
H25D203 J1.000 - 1.900Specalog
H35ES407 J600 - 1.80012 L/minSpecalog
H35E407 J600 - 1.800Specalog
H45ES542 J780 - 1.80025 L/minSpecalog
H45E542 J780 - 1.80025 L/minSpecalog
H55ES813 J600 - 1.68030 L/minSpecalog
H55E813 J600 - 1.68030 L/minSpecalog
H65E1.085 J720 - 1.74040 L/minSpecalog
H65ES1.085 J720 - 1.74040 L/minSpecalog
H65E PIN-ON1.085 J720 - 1.74040 L/minSpecalog
H75ES1.356 J840 - 1.650Specalog
H75E1.356 J840 - 1.65070 L/minSpecalog
H95ES2.034 J700 - 1.26070 L/minSpecalog
H110ES2.712 J450 - 1.000Specalog
H115ES4.067 J370 - 800Specalog
H120ES4.745 J350 - 620Specalog
H130ES6.101 J320 - 600120 L/minSpecalog
H140ES8.135 J325 - 540Specalog
H140ES WEAR PACKAGE8.135 J325 - 540160 L/minSpecalog
H160ES11.524 J400 - 505220 L/minSpecalog
H160ES WEAR PACKAGE11.524 J400 - 505220 L/minSpecalog
H180ES16.270 J275 - 450220 L/minSpecalog
H180ES WEAR PACKAGE16.270 J275 - 450Specalog
H35D S203 J2.90012 L/minSpecalog
H45D S407 J2.50025 L/minSpecalog
H55D S678 J2.30040 L/minSpecalog
H65D S950 J2.00040 L/minSpecalog



ModelImpact Energy ClassBlows per MinuteRated Flow (Min.)Specifications
H701.220 J600 - 1.85050 L/minSpecalog
H70S1.220 J600 - 1.85050 L/minSpecalog
H90C1.827 J500 - 1.45060 L/minSpecalog