Maintenance and support

Maintenance and support

At TEKNOXGROUP d.o.o. our support of your machines goes beyond the sale so that delivering a new, used or rental unit is only the beginning of our support.

To show our dedication we have appointed across all TEKNOXGROUP territories 14 Product Support Representatives (PSR). Majority of them are former Service Technicians with years of field experience, skills and knowledge. Most importantly they are people you know and trust: their task is to visit you either on-site or at your office whit only one mission:

Lowering your Operating and Maintenance cost

  • By preventing downtime
  • By keeping your equipment always in peak conditions
  • By prolonging the life of components and in turn of your equipment.

Having extensive knowledge of our parts and services they will consult with you and match our offerings to your needs. You will appreciate them as real "Consultant" in your business and as living example of our Company commitment to help you in growing your profits.

PSR will come up to your operator/s with TIPS on how to properly use the unit in order to get always the maximum at the lowest possible cost. So you will be introduced to the concepts of:

Concepts that have been already recognized by our customers as both saving and peace of mind tools. Why don't you give them a try?

Use the following tool to find out the PSR that covers your relevant territory. Get in touch with him and agree on his visit to your preferred site. You won't regret!