Fuel from municipal green waste, root stocks, untreated waste wood

High torque, low speed shredders, flexible star screens and high performance turners for fast composting are key machines for the efficient production of renewable fuel. 

This can be marketed to biomass heat and power plants, as a cost-effective fuel with the calorific value and particle size they need.

Processing of forest residues

Forest residue is the collective name for treetops and branches that accumulate when harvesting timber and for rootstocks that accumulate during clearing. Depending on the material, the logistics and the customer requirements, forest residue can be processed by low or high-speed shredders, often in combination with screening machines. 

Production of wood chippings

Wood trunks not suitable for recycling can be processed into high-quality wood chippings by a Chippo chipper. The high-speed Axtor shredder can also act as a high-performance chipper when used with fixed tools.



Pre-shredding with a low speed shredder  

When producing biofuel from green cuttings, the coarsest possible shred is important, so that woody fractions pass through the composting process largely unaltered, except for drying, and can then be screened out. The Crambo, a tough all-purpose shredder, is ideal for this, as its large screen basket sizes give the right particle size for further processing.

Its high resistance to contraries also makes it a good choice for rootstocks and forestry residue.



A fuel with a coarser structure can be generated from forestry residue and clean waste wood by shredding with the general-purpose Axtor wood shredder, working in shredder or chipper mode depending on the input material. 

The output can be used as fuel without further processing. For more exacting requirements, the material can be further conditioned by screening and separation. 


Chips from fuel wood or clean forestry residue have been used as fuel for years. The Chippo series chippers create highquality ships, precisely cut and with very low undersize content, that can be used for home heating or in biomass heating plants depending on the blade setting and screen basket.


Screening with star screens

A fine fraction, a medium fraction and a coarse fraction can be produced in one pass with Komptech star screeners. 

The medium fraction is generally the usable fuel fraction. The input material is freed of any caked dirt as it passes over the rotating stars, ensuring high quality of the usable fraction from forestry residue and rootstocks in particular. 

The fines are processed as compost, and the coarse particles are returned to shredding and shred with low or high speed shredders.


Separation of stones

Forest residues and municipal green waste are often contaminated with stones during collection and storage. But stones are undesirable contaminants that reduce the quality and price of biofuels.

The Stonefex improves fuel quality by removing up to 95 percent of stones and inert materials. If required, lightweight materials (plastic foils) can be separated by windsifting with the Hurrikan.