Maintenance & Safety Management

Maintenance & Safety Management

• Plan and track maintenance—start with built-in Caterpillar recommended service intervals and customize to match your needs 

• See which services have been performed and what is due in order to avoid overdue or missed service and maintenance

• Get real-time alerts, including notification on service due, movement into or out of a site boundary and asset operation during specified time  

• Configure alerts to be sent via SMS text or email to those who need to know 

• See all of your specified alerts on one screen and prioritize the information that matters to you 

• Pinpoint alert locations and identify     potential site issues with GPS tags

• Equip your machines with GPS LOCATION TRACKING SYSTEMS. If they are stolen, you’ll be able to quickly locate and recover them

• Physical fences are good but not always practical. USE ELECTRONIC GEO-FENCING AND TIME- FENCING to alert you when machines are moved to the wrong place or started at the wrong time