Caterpillar oil

Caterpillar oil

Today, most of internal combustion engines are working in cars, trucks and buses. Only a very small percentage, less than one percent, are used as Industrial engines, in Power generation, Oil & Gas, Earthmoving...

But, the conditions on an work site or mine are quite different to those on the road.

Having this in mind, Caterpillar has designed oils for use in Caterpillar engines and machines in order to address specific applications and design.

Lets look at Caterpillar diesel engine oil - DEO.

It is specifically formulated to provide the maximum benefit to all engine users, especially those using Caterpillar engines. It provides excellent component protection, emissions control, and fuel economy and will lower operating costs by optimising drain intervals and extending component life.

Why is it better than the best commercial oils?

Because it is tested specifically on Cat engines, whatever their application. Its formulation is unique and results from Caterpillar proprietary tests on Cat engines. Cat base stocks are closely monitored, plus our additive package is proprietary.

Precise balance between the base stock & the additive package selected is key to the resulting performance.

All Cat oils are fulfilling the highest industry standards and specifications, but also are undergoing additional tests unique only for Caterpillar, in order to investigate the oils performance under extreme conditions in Caterpillar machines and engines.

Through comprehensive SOS analysis thousands of samples are analysed daily worldwide, providing that manufacturer with accurate insight on oil performance from all around the world and in all kinds of application and equipment.

All this leads to one goal, to provide you with oil that will adequately protect and lubricate your machines and engines and let you achieve the best possible service life of your Caterpillar equipment.