Ripper is used to break up hard soil and ice during ground preparation. It is perfectly suited for pipeline and trenching work.


Click here to watch the video: Cat Ripper Attachment at Work


ModelShank LengthOverall LengthWeight
490 MM490 mm650 mm45 kg
676 MM676 mm825 mm61 kg
861 MM861 mm1.074 mm107 kg
1085 MM1.085 mm1.384 mm460 kg
RIP & LOAD, 1206 MM1.206 mm1.643 mm1.712 kg
1290 MM1.290 mm1.649 mm796 kg
1290 MM1.290 mm1.703 mm779 kg
1374 MM1.374 mm1.863 mm1.122 kg
RIP & LOAD, 1375 MM1.375 mm1.812 mm1.788 kg
1481 MM1.481 mm1.964 mm1.619 kg
1495 MM1.495 mm1.979 mm1.538 kg
RIP & LOAD, 1495 MM1.495 mm1.931 mm1.882 kg
1627 MM1.627 mm2.111 mm1.614 kg
1627 MM1.627 mm2.105 mm1.715 kg
RIP & LOAD, 1639 MM1.639 mm2.076 mm1.983 kg
1787 MM1.787 mm2.299 mm2.105 kg
1800 MM1.800 mm2.285 mm1.917 kg
1801 MM1.801 mm2.302 mm2.085 kg
696 MM696 mm928 mm160 kg
744 MM744 mm966 mm199 kg
992 MM992 mm1.283 mm330 kg