Underground - Longwall

Underground - Longwall

Cat® customized systems for longwall mining range from hydraulic roof supports and automated plow systems to shearers, face conveyors and roof support carriers.



Maximum productivity in the longwall is possible only if the conveyor technology can keep pace with the output of the mining machines. Cat® Armored Face Conveyors (AFCs) keep your production moving – delivering maximum capacity, high drive power, high availability and reliability. We take available space and desired production capacity into account when designing a complete, customized Cat conveyor system for your operation. Whether you want to build a 500-meter (1,640-foot) longwall, or mine different seam heights, Caterpillar supplies a perfect-fit solution – from AFC, to main and tail drives, to chain and entry conveyor systems.


ModelTop Plate ThicknessBottom Plate ThicknessDogbone Breaking ForceSpecifications
PF330 mm20 mm2000 kNSpecalog
PF440 mm25 mm3600 kNSpecalog
PF550 mm30 mm4500 kNSpecalog
PF630 + 25 mm30 mm4500 kNSpecalog
PF730 + 25 mm30 mm4500 kNSpecalog




The Drive for Productivity – With constant pressure for greater productivity, improving the performance of longwall systems remains a key goal for mine operators. At Caterpillar, all aspects of longwall operation and machinery are continuously reviewed to find ways to improve productivity and reduce the overall cost of mining. The performance of the face conveyor system is continually improving.


ModelMaximum Output Torque for a Short Duration (3 sec.)Maximum Input Speed (motor speed)Weight (without oil) – In-line Drive SystemSpecifications
CST30300.000 N·m1.500  rpm @ 50 Hz3900 kgSpecalog
CST45450.000 N·m1.782  rpm5900 kgSpecalog
CST45 M450.000 N·m1.782  rpm7200 kgSpecalog
CST45 V450.000 N·m1.782  rpm5900 kgSpecalog
CST65650.000 N·m1.500 rpm @ 50 Hz7300 kgSpecalog
CST1151,150.000 N·m1.782 rpm16400 kgSpecalog



The Cat family of Programmable Mining Controls (PMC) offers state-of-the-art microcontroller technology and increased computing power allowing a completely new dimension of longwall automation. Cat Mining Controls provide all the functionality needed for enhanced control of drives, roof supports, plow or shearer ―future-oriented automation for maximum longwall productivity.


ModelOperating SystemProcessorRAM MemoryTehnični podatki
MCU2Windows 7Intel Core i7, 2.1 GHz4 GBSpecalog
PMC-D/PMC-D20µITRON RTOS32Bit RISC Microcontroller TX1940CYAF, 32MHz, internal RAM 10Kbytes, ROM 256Kbytes4Mbytes CMOS Static RAM, 4Mbytes FlashSpecalog
PMC-RµITRON RTOS16Bit Microcontroller TMP91CW12AF, 27MHz, internal RAM 4Kbytes, ROM 125Kbytes2Mbytes CMOS Static RAM, 4Mbytes FlashSpecalog
PMC-VµITRON RTOS32Bit RISC Microcontroller TX1940CYAF, 32MHz, internal RAM 10Kbytes, ROM 256Kbytes4Mbytes CMOS Static RAM, 4Mbytes FlashSpecalog




Cat® Plows are the mining system of choice for low and medium seams – exceeding the performance of shearers and delivering rapid production.






Model Coal HardnessMaximum Installed PowerMaximum Cutting DepthSpecifications
GH1600Medium to extremely hard coal2 × 800 kW210 mmSpecalog
GH800Soft – hard coal2 × 400 kW180 mmSpecalog
GH800BSoft – hard coal2 × 400 kW205 mmSpecalog
RHH800Soft – hard coal2 × 400 kW190 mm





Steep grades, very thick and very thin seams, unstable roofs and massive sandstone plates, soft ground and geological faults. These varying conditions require a high level of adaptation to specific requirements. Cat® Roof Supports are world-renowned for their reliability under the most extreme conditions. With superior availability and unparalleled quality in design and production, our roof supports set the standard in longwall mining. 


ModelHeight (Extended)Shield CentersShield DensitySpecifications
Customized roof support systems1100-6100 mm1500-2050 mmdo 111 t/m2Specalog




Our product line is extensive to match the varying application and capacity needs of mines around the world. The goal is simple, to move equipment, supplies and materials from one location to another with speed, safety and precision.



ModelCarry CapacityVehicle LengthVehicle WidthSpecifications
SH62020 t9.5 m2.85 mSpecalog
SH63033 t10.88 m2.9 mSpecalog
SH640 D40 t9.2 m2.65 mSpecalog
SH650 D45 t11.68 m3.03 mSpecalog
SH650 VFD45 t11.76 m3.03 mSpecalog
SH65045 t11.68 m3.03 mSpecalog
SH660 D55 t10.07 m3.1 mSpecalog
SH660 HD60 t10.07 m3.1 mSpecalog
SH68080 t13.8 m3.95 mSpecalog



At the forefront of every high-performance longwall is a mining machine that works reliably and meets production requirements. Cat® Shearers are built to meet those requirements.






ModelTypical Machine LengthInstalled PowerHaulage SystemSpecifications
EL100014.001200 kW2x85 kWSpecalog
EL200014.1 m1780 kWAC inverter driveSpecalog
EL300015.2 m2295 kWAC inverter driveSpecalog
EL400017 m2295 kWAC inverter driveSpecalog




The Cat® variable frequency drives for armored face conveyors are designed to deliver variable speed of the armored face conveyor, very accurate load sharing between gearboxes, and better efficiency when operating in weak power networks.







ModelRated PowerInput VoltageMaximum Operational TorqueSpecifications
VFD-A800/W800800 kW3300V ± 10%210 %Specalog
VFD-A1200/W12001200 kW3300V ± 10%210 %Specalog