Teknoxgroup CHECK-UP is an intervention, at a fixed price, that gives the possibility to fix the "zero" in terms of specs and performances of your equipment (that has been working for thousands hour) providing you useful information before taking important decisions as:

  • To draw up a CSA   
  • To plan a machine downtime before important commitments
  • To estimate costs related to big repairs

During a CHECK-UP one of our skilled technicians will carry out following task:

  • Take an oil sample from any machine compartment to be sent to the laboratory for analysis.
  • Replacement engine oil and all filters in the equipment.
  • Check and set oil levels in all compartments.
  • Instrumental check for pressures, temperatures and flows in compartments as Engine, Transmission, Hydraulic System.

After theTeknoxgroup technician's intervention you will receive a detailed report about the status of main compartments as Engine, Transmission, Hydraulic System plus a report from SOS Laboratory.
At this stage you can ask for a quote, parts and labour, for those interventions to restore the equipment full performance.