About us

About us

Teknoxgroup is the exclusive dealer of Caterpillar, the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, marine and industrial engines. As part of an international group of companies, Teknoxgroup covers the area of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania, where we sell new and used CAT construction machinery, engines and gensets, and through service and distribution of spare parts, we offer the customers all technical support needed. We develop our own solutions with high added value for the customer.

An international group powering growth

From Italy to the world: The strength of the Group

TESYA is an international group made up of 25 companies with strong local roots in 15 countries. It is the market leader in the supply of sophisticated services and highly customised integrated B2B solutions for constructions, construction sites, warehouse and logistics management, the organisation of major events, electrical and mechanical power generation, and energy transition.

The Group boasts an entrepreneurial history spanning 90 years with a global portfolio of products and services provided by 3,500 employees in 120 offices. It has consolidated its market leadership thanks to the acquisition of Italian and European companies united by strong innovation, combining the use of new technologies with versatile expertise in a range of industrial sectors.


People Centered

We place people – You like the Y in our name – at the heart of everything we do. We build close relationships with you, our customers, colleagues, suppliers, stakeholders and communities. Relationships which enable us to understand and anticipate your needs, supporting you to give your best and achieve your goals. Because there could be no TESYA without You.

An Entrepreneurial Partner

TESYA Group companies become “entrepreneurial partners”, offering a complete architecture of customised solutions according to the needs of each customer, thus guaranteeing maximum support. From design to after-sales, from increasing productivity to optimising capital use, from ordinary to extraordinary maintenance, we leverage cutting-edge technologies and highly qualified people - both for single products and complex, integrated, multi-service multi-company solutions.


Solutions and Services

Serving more than 30,000 business-to-business customers worldwide, we’re an active leader in the provision of customized turnkey solutions in construction equipment, energy & power generation, industrial vehicles, warehousing and logistics equipment.

Our Culture

As individuals, as companies and as a Group, we never stand still or stop evolving. Passionately dedicated to delivering the most effective solutions in an age of transformative change, we know that speed of learning is a key success factor: Our ability to care for our people and support their development is what ensures the long-term prosperity of our customers and our companies.


TESYA Group has always been passionate about providing the most effective and economically viable solutions in an era of continuous change, drawing inspiration from a single, clear, common purpose: powering the growth of people, business and communities.

Quality and excellence are at the heart of TESYA Group’s services offering, but its Groups’ people that make the difference. Our principles define who we are and who we aim to be: they constantly guide our actions, creating value for our customers and the communities in which we operate.

At the heart of all our business success is a relationship based on shared values and mutual respect. That’s why there is a Y in the centre of our brand, underlining the contribution YOU make to our success, whether you are a customer, a colleague or a communities where we are present. Without YOU there would be no TESYA.


How we work: our values and behaviors

Our values are the principles that define who we are and aim to be, constantly guiding our actions, determining our impact and creating value. Our Behaviors describe how we do things every day, putting our values into action. Inextricably linked, we always present them together.

You and I care

Behind every achievement are all of us, working together to solve problems and shape the future.

  • We are passionate, enjoy our work and celebrate results
  • We take a real interest in the people we work with: colleagues, customers and suppliers
  • We take ownership of and pride in our work

You and I build trust

Trust built on mutual respect and reliable performance is the foundation of our relationships and success.

  • We do what we say: you can rely on us
  • We always give our best
  • We are honest, open, ethical and fair

You and I embrace change

We are responsive in changing environments, anticipating future challenges and leading innovation.

  • We are creative, exploring different ways to achieve our goals
  • We have an entrepreneurial spirit: we are quick to act on opportunities
  • We handle uncertainty without losing focus on process or vision

You and I grow together

Our business and personal development is built on continuous learning and improvement.

  • We are committed to advancing our company, teams, customers and communities
  • We develop together through feedback, sharing and mentoring
  • We are curious and never stop learning

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