Forks - Loader

Forks - Loader

 Flexibility is the hallmark of Cat Wheel Loaders, and Cat Loader Forks are a key component. Ranging from a variety of pallet forks up through specialized logging arrangements, Loader Forks are available for a wide range of jobs. Maximize Loader performance!




ModelTine LengthCarriage WidthCarriage Height
1524 MM1.524/1.829 mm2.440 mm1.375 mm


ModelFork WidthWidth Over TineWidth Between Tines
2298MM2.298 mm2.298 mm1.857 mm
2419MM2.419 mm2.419 mm1.936 mm
2802MM2.802 mm2.752 mm2.256 mm
2479MM2.489 mm2.412 mm2.412 mm
2738MM2.420 mm2.284 mm2.284 mm