Caterpillar Grapples replace the bucket on Caterpillar Excavators, converting them to the ideal machine for handling loose material, sorting trash, and demolition site cleanup. An array of styles and sizes are available to match Excavators to the task at hand.


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ModelCapacityWeightOptimum Oil Flow
G320B-R0.8 m31.960 kg14.000 L/min
G320B-D0.75 m31.970 kg14.000 L/min
G310B-R0.4 m31.035 kg14.000 L/min
G310B-D0.4 m31.045 kg14.000 L/min
G315B-R0.6 m31.385 kg14.000 L/min
G315B-D0.55 m31.395 kg14.000 L/min
G325B-D0.9 m32.370 kg14.000 L/min
G310B0.4 m31.045 kg14.000 L/min
G315B0.55 m3 1.400 kg
G320B0.75 m31.875 kg
G325B0.85 m32.120 kg
G3301.0 m32.620 kg




ModelCapacityWeightMax. Lift CapacitySpecifications
GSH15B-H-4-600-N0.6 m31.215 kg4.000 kg
GSH15B-H-5-400-C0.4 m31.530 kg4.000 kg
GSH15B-H-5-400-S0.4 m31.445 kg4.000 kg
GSH15B-H-5-500-C0.5 m31.540 kg4.000 kg
GSH15B-H-5-500-S0.5 m31.445 kg4.000 kg
GSH15B-H-5-600-C0.6 m31.575 kg4.000 kg
GSH15B-H-5-600-N0.6 m31.450 kg4.000 kg
GSH15B-H-5-600-O0.6 m31.395 kg4.000 kg
GSH15B-H-5-600-S0.6 m31.475 kg4.000 kg
GSH15B-H-5-800-N0.8 m31.515 kg4.000 kg
GSH20B-H-4-600-N0.6 m31.575 kg8.000 kg
GSH20B-H-4-800-N0.8 m31.615 kg8.000 kg
GSH20B-H-5-600-S0.6 m31.905 kg8.000 kg
GSH20B-H-5-800-N0.8 m31.920 kg8.000 kg
GSH22B-H-4-1000-N1.0 m32.390 kg12.000 kg
GSH4250.75 - 1.15 m31.520 - 1.613 kg10.000 kgSpecalog
GSH5250.75 - 1.15 m31.809 - 1.925 kg10.000 kgSpecalog
GSV5250.75 - 1.15 m31.763 - 1.875 kg10.000 kgSpecalog