Cat® Mulchers are designed for high-performance cutting and mulching vegetation and undergrowth from typical wooded terrain. The hydraulic mulcher reduces saplings, shrubs and trees into mulched material, making it ideal for environmental maintenance, such as creating fire lanes. Other applications include: reclaiming untilled land, removing foliage from building construction sites, and shredding pruned material and organic waste for biomass production.

The Cat Mulchers are designed for use on Cat Skid Steer Loaders, Multi Terrain Loaders and Compact Track Loaders.


Click here to watch the video: Cat Mulcher Attachment at Work 


ModelOverall widthWorking widthLengthSpecifications
HM112C1.518 mm1.240 mm1.219 mmSpecalog
HM115C1.758 mm1.480 mm1.219 mmSpecalog
HM215C1.758 mm1.480 mm1.219 mmSpecalog
HM315C1.882 mm1.582 mm1.354 mmSpecalog
HM415C1.882 mm1.582 mm1.354 mmSpecalog
HM418C2.122 mm1.822 mm1.354 mmSpecalog