Cat offers a wide variety of rakes. These attachments are useful in many site development, land-clearing and landscaping jobs.

Excavator Rakes are used for grubbing, piling, and loading trucks and grinders in the General Construction and Forestry industries. Cat Rakes are designed to work with Cat Thumbs. Loader Rakes equip Cat Wheel and Track-Type Loaders to clear ground, root out stumps and stack brush for burning or transport. Track-Type Tractor Rakes replace or supplement the standard blade, powering through difficult underbrush, trees, stumps and rocks.

Power Box Rakes are ideal for clearing and preparing soil in general construction trench restoration, golf course construction and athletic field maintenance. Industrial Grapple Rakes on Skid Steers are designed to easily handle a wide array of bulky, irregularly shaped objects encountered in demolition, industrial, construction, recycling, storm debris clean-up, landscaping and other aggressive applications.



Click here to watch the video: Cat Grapple Rake Attachment at Work


1829 MM1.829 mm838 mm467 kgSpecalog
2134 MM2.134 mm838 mm515 kgSpecalog



ModelWorking WidthBucket capacity - struckSpecifications
LR15B1.576 mm0.3 m3Specalog
LR18B1.883 mm0.34 m3Specalog



Click here to watch the video: Cat Power Box Rake Attachment at Work

ModelRoller widthOverall widthOverall lengthSpecifications
PR1721.829 mm2.057 mm1.626 mmSpecalog
PR1842.134 mm2.362 mm1.626 mmSpecalog
PR1902.286 mm2.515 mm1.626 mmSpecalog