Couplers - Excavator

Couplers - Excavator

Caterpillar provides a variety of coupler styles for Hydraulic Excavators. Several types of dedicated coupler, and a world-class line of pin grabber couplers provide the solution set your customers demand.




Model                WeightWidth, machine interfaceLifting  Eye Working Load LimitSpecifications
312-LINKAGE188 kg381 mm10 tSpecalog
315-LINKAGE299 kg460 mm10 tSpecalog
B-LINKAGE380 kg512 mm10 tSpecalog
CB-LINKAGE465 kg550 mm14 tSpecalog
DB-LINKAGE621 kg590 mm14 tSpecalog
TB-LINKAGE944 kg665 mm20 tSpecalog



Model                           WeightWidthLoad Rating, Hoisting HookSpecifications
CW-0525 kg175 mm2 tSpecalog
CW-1065 kg310 mm4 tSpecalog
CW-20190 kg550 mm10 tSpecalog
CW-20S190 kg420 mm10 tSpecalog
CW-30210 kg550 mm10 tSpecalog
CW-30S210 kg420 mm10 tSpecalog
CW-40240 kg550 mm10 tSpecalog
CW-40 AUTO-CONNECT340 kg550 mm10 tSpecalog
CW-40S215 kg420 mm10 tSpecalog
CW-45430 kg690 mm14 tSpecalog
CW-45S400 kg550 mm14 tSpecalog
CW-55700 kg830 mm20 tSpecalog
CW-55S550 kg560 mm20 tSpecalog
CW-701.205 kg840 mm20 tSpecalog